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My name is Katy, I stitch things. Sometimes I also sell those things on Etsy and Storenvy. I'm also a Kpop & video game nerd.
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You know those tumblr contests where you reblog the thing? You’ve seen them, you’ve been spammed by them, you’ve unfriended people because of them…

I normally don’t do them because I didn’t believe anyone ever actually won anything.  But when ceecee-natsume posted this one to win a set of Hometown Story Ember plushies I couldn’t resist posting once, just to try!  I love Hometown Story and if I didn’t still have Harvest Moon going strong I would cry because a lot of people either didn’t like it or wrote it off.  Sorry everyone, they made that game for me! 

So anyway… I WON!  My cute little Embers have joined Pochica, the smooshiest big cow, little alpaca, sheep and dog (and other random plushies) to snuggle happily. Thanks Cee Cee & Natsume!

PS Molly cat isn’t interested

This goes with this post from earlier All the Harvest Moon & Hometown Story things